Why Choose CoachinginSchools

Why Choose CoachinginSchools?

In a nutshell…because of our TANGIBLE IMPACT!

Unlike others, we don’t “sell coaching courses” to schools, and then walk away. We work in partnership with schools to accelerate school improvement. And we do that by helping schools to develop and embed a ‘coaching culture’ across the school over time. And that’s because, when it comes to school improvement, there are no “quick fixes”.

It’s a journey, and it takes years. And we go on that journey with our schools, and hold their hand throughout it.

The word that is used time and time again to describe our coaching training and school improvement systems is “transformational.”

Before we even begin to teach our unique coaching model, we develop key interpersonal skills that immediately improve participants’ self-esteem and confidence in their ability to meet challenges and solve their own problems.

We also teach them how to empower others in their teams, build others’ self-esteem and confidence, and get the best out of them. We teach skills that can be integrated into everyday life, both on a professional and a personal level.

As a result, our coaching training transforms the way coaches think, speak, behave and work for life!

And then there’s our coaching system. We teach participants our unique coaching model, so they can coach staff and pupils in the most efficient and effective way. (Coaching Sessions only take about 15 minutes each).

Once trained, your coaches will also be able to move away from the unsustainable ‘spoon-feeding’ & ‘telling what to do’ approach. As a result, their coachees will feel far more motivated and empowered to solve their own challenges (and far less stressed!)

And they’ll have a sustainable model of working for the future. They’ll have the confidence to stop bringing all of their problems to you – saving you time and frustration.

That’s because we don’t do “fluffy” or “fuzzy”. Our coaching system has got ‘teeth’ because it is a perfect blend of empowering colleagues, while holding them to account for taking action and making improvements.

In a nutshell, at CoachingInSchools we make school improvement faster, easier and sustainable by using UNIQUE high impact systems with no ‘sell-by’ date. So, when you decide to work with us, you’ll get an excellent return on your investment. Impact is 100% Guaranteed – or your money back! (So it’s completely risk-free for you).

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