CoachinginSchools – Our Vision

At CoachinginSchools, our vision is to continue to be:

The No. 1 Provider of Transformational Coaching & School Improvement Strategies – High Impact Guaranteed.

As a company made up of former Headteachers and senior leaders, CoachingInSchools knows and understands schools and the world of education. Our coaching programmes and school improvement systems are designed specifically for schools, colleges and multi-academy trusts (MATs).

Consequently, CoachingInSchools only works with the education sector. Over the past 20+ years we’ve worked with a range of schools, colleges and MATs worldwide.

And, we only work with Heads of Schools, Colleges and MATs who:

(1) Believe passionately in investing in empowering staff.

(2) Want transformational coaching and school improvement strategies with high impact.

(3) Understand the importance of learning how to coach properly, using an up-to-date method that quickly produces results every time.

Not all coaching is the same! …We do ‘coaching’ differently (and better), meaning you get better results & better value.

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