CoachinginSchools – Our Values

At CoachinginSchools, our core values are love, passion, quality, growth.

As former teachers and senior leaders, we love working with schools because of the dedication shown by school staff towards every child in their care. We love helping school staff to grow personally and professionally so they work better and feel better.

We’re passionate about the power of coaching to inspire, empower and change people’s lives. We’re also passionate about our coaching and school improvement systems, because we know what a powerful and sustained impact they have on every aspect of school improvement.

We’ve devised unique, high-quality coaching and school improvement systems, specifically tailored for busy, over-stretched school staff, and proven to out-perform all others. As a result, our clients get the best possible results.

We’re committed to empowering staff to provide children with brighter futures. Consequently, we only work with schools whose desire to grow matches our desire to help them grow.