Sefton Booth (Headteacher), Bleasdale School

The Power of Coachinginschools: Changing Lives & Transforming Schools

Case Study Summary . . .

The interviewee, Sefton Booth, was an Assistant Headteacher in a special needs school. Since this interview, he’s become a Headteacher, so we’re even more proud of him! 🙂

Before being trained in coaching, the school’s senior leaders had some experience of coaching but not this way of doing it. The Headteacher introduced the Coachinginschools programme to the Senior Leadership Team to empower them, and to help them empower others to help themselves, to reduce workload-related stress.

The Coachinginschools programme has had a significant impact on Sefton’s job and life, making things quicker, easier, and more fulfilling. It taught him how to empower others to help themselves. 

Sefton has also applied the coaching programme’s principles to his family & personal life, which has changed his approach to situations.

Sefton’s first coaching experience was with a new teacher who had to absorb and understand every system in the school, while also taking on additional projects. Sefton used the unique Coachinginschools method to help the new teacher break down the accreditation process and understand it better.


Sefton has become an “avid fan” of the Coachinginschools Expert Education Coach programme, because of how it’s positively impacted his work and personal life.

…It’s given him a better mode of living, rather than just a mode of leadership that he can switch to when needed. He shares how he Coachinginschools method saves him time, empowers the people he line-manages, and has transformed his school.

He says that the Coachinginschools programme offers good value for money because it makes school improvement faster, easier, and more embedded. He found the online programme useful as he could watch short, sharp videos at any time, and the materials provided were very clear and straightforward. He also found the range of materials provided by the programme useful in improving his coaching skills, and watching other people coach was helpful too. What’s more, he LOVED the Coachinginschools “personal touch” with the support we provided throughout his training.

Sefton highly recommends the Coachinginschools training programme, and says that anyone who has the opportunity to engage with it should do so!