Lisa Griffin (Deputy Key Stage Leader (PMLD)), Woodlands

Special Schools Teacher Coaches Autistic Daughter to Learn 7 Times Table

Well done to Lisa (and her daughter) for this amazing achievement!

In this video, Lisa, a Deputy Key Stage Leader (PMLD) and teacher in a Special School, shares how she used the Coachinginschools system to coach both her daughters. 

Lisa wanted to see how beneficial the coachinginschools system could be with her daughters. (She’d heard that other coachinginschools trainees had tried this and been successful, so she thought she’d give it a go!) 

One of her daughters, wanted to achieve something that was REALLY important to her – learning her seven times table. 

As a high-functioning, very anxious autistic child, it was a big thing for Lisa’s daughter to come up with ideas for how she could overcome learning the seven times table. 

Lisa used the Coachinginschools model to help her daughter decide how she was going to achieve her goal – rather than asking mummy as usual. As a result, Lisa’s daughter came with ideas, and then went away and successfully completed her action steps so she achieved her goal!

HUGE “WELL DONE” to Lisa – one of our Coachinginschools graduates – for this amazing achievement! It’s wonderful to see how coaching helped her in her personal life as a parent – as well as in her everyday roles in her special school.