Paula Brown (Teacher), Lady Zia Wernher School

Special School Teacher Successfully Uses Coaching Questions With Verbal Children in Class (And Own Family)

[A 'Coach Approach' in the Classroom] Success Story Summary . . .

When Paula completed the Coachinginschools Expert Education Coach Programme, she worked hard to implement the strategies in her everyday life.

This included using ‘coaching questions’ at home with her own children, and also in the classroom with her verbal children – rather than telling them what do do!

And guess what?

It worked!

So if you work in a SEND school, remember to use the 5 x Ingredients of Powerful Questions we teach you in your everyday work too! 

. . . And notice how using the Coachinginschools Strategies in your everyday work (and life!) builds the children’s confidence, motivation and self-esteem.

Not only does this enable them to achieve more, it also takes the pressure off you!