Craig Mitcherson (Deputy Headteacher), Ashcroft High School

Senior Leader Uses Coaching in Student Meetings to Improve Behaviour, Attendance, Academic Achievement, Revision etc.

Craig shares how he integrated the Coachinginschools system into meetings with students to get better outcomes – without it having to take him any extra time! 

If you ever work with students to help them improve in ANY area, watch this video!

Senior Leader, Craig, explains how he uses our coaching system when meeting with students in his school.

Craig simply incorporated our 15 minute coaching session into his scheduled meetings with the students – no need to find any extra time!

Craig has coached students wanting to improve their behaviour, attendance, academic achievement, revision techniques . . . the list is endless! 

Whatever the focus for improvement, the coaching has helped each student break down a massive challenge into smaller, achievable steps – stopping them feeling ‘bogged down’ and ‘overwhelmed’, and dramatically improving outcomes!

We hope this inspires you to use our coaching system with your students so you can achieve the same results.