Jude Corp (Head of Year), Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys

Failing Year 11 Pupils Make Amazing Improvement in Attendance, Confidence & Attainment By Being Coached

If you ever work with pupils who are disengaged or failing to reach their potential, you’ll love this example!

Jude shares how she used our coaching model to challenge and re-engage a group of troubled Year 11 boys who were heading for failure. 

Thanks to Jude’s coaching, these boys grew in confidence, found their own solutions to their challenges and significantly improved their exam grades.

– We hope Jude’s story of coaching Year 11 Pupils inspires you to use our coaching system to achieve the same results.

(REMEMBER: Not all ‘coaching’ is the same!)


I’ve coached three students – boys who were in year 11.

Troubled, lacking in confidence, and¬†they… It was humbling, at how seriously they took the process.

And they came every Friday lunchtime –¬†smelling of chips, but I didn’t mind!

And, they were very, very serious about it.


When they filled in¬†the “Coachee Evidence”, they were so respectful of the¬†process.¬†

And at the bottom, they said things like:

“Helping me to improve.”.

“Helping me to fulfil my potential.”

– All the things you dream students would say.


And one of them definitely improved his attendance as a result.


And all three of them have done very well in their mocks, considering their starting place.

And, one of them said to me,¬†“When can we start again?”


And, so “Helping me to achieve and grow in confidence” was one of their comments.

And I think that’s probably what every teacher is always hoping that their students are going to say about them.