Kate Geary (Headteacher) ROTINS

Empowering Heads, Transforming Schools: The ‘System-Wide’ Impact of The Unique Coachinginschools Method

What's the value of Coachinginschools Training for Headteachers?

Join Kate, a headteacher, as she discusses the game-changing impact of the Coachinginschools VIP Programme on her leadership journey. Discover how just 15 minutes a week of focused coaching conversations (using the #Coachinginschools Model) has led to remarkable shifts in thinking and behaviour, staff empowerment, and system-wide effectiveness.

'Golden Nuggets' include:

“15 minutes a week! That’s all it took to see significant changes in our school’s effectiveness and staff empowerment.”

“It really has made me sit back and reflect, like my leadership style, and sort of go, ‘Oh, that’s perhaps why I haven’t got the actions or the outcome that I’ve wanted previously.’”

“You know, before we would talk about something and like, oh yeah, we’re going to go and do this, this, and this. Yeah. And then we could come back to the next half term and we hadn’t got anywhere.”

“That six weeks…there was a whole series of things that she accomplished that we perhaps wouldn’t have thought was possible previously.”

“It’s just been really, really, yeah, really useful, on like so many levels that I wasn’t actually expecting.”

“I thought it would just be very limited to the one person I’m coaching…I didn’t expect it to have like a ‘system-wide’ shift, or impact on more people.”

“A lot of Headteachers go, “Yeah, I’ve done coaching…” – But you haven’t!”

“I’d feel really confident in saying that to other Heads – even the most experienced ones will definitely get something out of it. And will lead to a shift in their behaviour or their thinking. Definitely.”

Huge thanks to Kate for allowing us to share her insights – we hope it inspires you and gives you ideas of how you could do the same!