Tricia Cody (Acting Headteacher)

Coachinginschools Helps Busy Headteacher Feel More Positive, In Control & Achieve Better Work-Life Balance

An Important Message for BUSY Headteachers...

This clip has a very relevant message for busy Headteachers who feel a bit ‘out of control’, and like they can NEVER fit anything in for themselves!

Now, more than ever, it’s crucially important to think about the impact of NOT making “time for you” so you can AVOID your mental health, physical health, and relationships suffering. 

We hope this video will help Headteachers to reflect and be inspired by Tricia’s story. 

As the newly-appointed Acting Headteacher in a rapidly expanding outstanding Special School, Tricia had a lot to do!

Initially, she thought she was too busy to even do our Coaching Programme. However, a fellow Headteacher who’d completed the programme herself assured her that was exactly why she needed it. So Tricia signed up and successfully completed the programme, along with Senior & Middle Leaders from other local Special Schools.

As part of our coaching programme, she was coached by a fellow Headteacher (using our unique coaching model) and this enabled her to quickly get back in control of her workload and fit things in for herself! 

…And the good news is that you can easily do the same (even if you THINK you’re “too busy!”)

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