Katie Lund, Queen Ethelburga’s Colleagiate

[Coaching Teachers] Coaching Makes Massive Impact on Pupils’ Behaviour & Improves GCSE Grades (from Ds & Es to As)

[Coaching Teachers] Behaviour Management Coaching Impacts Behaviour and Grades

Before coaching Katie Lund from Queen Ethelburga’s College was at a stage where she dreaded going into her Year 11 lesson. 

She was struggling to manage the behaviour of the class and it was getting her down. So she decided the focus for her coaching cycle would be on improving her behaviour management so she could reflect on her practice and feel a lot less stressed.

Being coached for 6 x 15 minutes meant Katie increased her confidence, improved behaviour and felt a lot better. It also had a massive impact on grades.

Well done Katie!

Watch her story and be inspired! 


If you or someone you know would like to avoid the stress and frustration of a challenging class, then think about using coaching to focus on managing behaviour so that you (and your class) can benefit too.