Ludi Jones (MFL Teacher), Balshaw’s Church of England High School

[Coaching Pupils] Spanish Teacher Coaches Pupil from GCSE “U” to grade “B”

[Coaching Pupils] From Grade 'U' to 'B' in Spanish

When Ludi Jones trained to be a coach she decided to try out her new skills by coaching a pupil using the revolutionary Coachinginschools coaching system.

She certainly didn’t pick an easy one! 

Before coaching this Year 11 pupil was REFUSING to put pen to paper and was on for a ‘U’ grade in his GCSE.

Through coaching Ludi was able to help him get to a ‘B’ grade in just a short space of time.

As you can see, she was delighted she with how much the pupil she coached had gained from her one-to-one coaching – as are we!

So if you’ve got any pupils who are in a similar situation, try using our coaching system on them to improve their progress and results.