Isobel Pravda (Drama Teacher), Maiden Erlegh School - DFE designated 'Behaviour Hub'

Coaching Improves Grades & Behaviour for Aggressive Year 11 Pupil

Isobel shares how she used the Coachinginschools Coaching Model to turn around an aggressive Year 11 student and help him move up 2 sub-grades.

Huge congratulations to Isobel who has since been promoted to Head of Department and is a Specialist Leader in Education (SLE) for the Berkshire School Alliance.

We'd also like to congratulate Maiden Erlegh Trust who have recently been designated as a 'National Behaviour Hub' by the DFE as a result of all their fantastic work.

One of my most successful case studies was a student of mine – a year 11.

And for a year this young man has been going through detentions – Being scaled up to “Headteacher Detentions”.

Not handing in homework…

And whenever he was approached it was very…

…He was very aggressive, and nothing was progressing.

So the next time he didn’t hand a piece of homework, I did not set him a “Detention”… I offered him a “Coaching Session”

And he was quite taken aback.

And he wasn’t aggressive, because this did not sound like “a detention”. It did not sound like he was in trouble. It sounded like I wanted to give him something, and I wanted to see him.

So he came… And he sat down… And I didn’t speak – I listened.

I went through the 12-Step (model), but I did not speak much (because you don’t have to speak much).

And he started to speak, and what came out of it was what was happening. And what came out of it was him setting goals for himself…

…NOT me telling him what to do! 

But him choosing what to do.

And the next piece of homework was handed in! (Because that was the first mini-goal).

The end result was to move up 2 sub-grades for his DCP2 (DCP = Design, Create & Perform).

And that was achieved step-by-step-by-step, broken down into mini-goals, by him.

And his group – his GCSE group – was incredibly grateful because he was now turning up for rehearsals…

…And the aggression – All gone! (Because he was owning it).

I can highly recommend this programme. And I will take it forward in personal ways, in teaching ways, and professionally.

Thank you.