Creating A Coaching Culture In Your School – Part 2

by Annie Boate

Creating A Coaching Culture In Your School – Part 2

by Annie Boate

by Annie Boate

Part 2: Creating A Coaching Culture In Your School

How Does CoachingInSchools’ Coach-Approach Training Work?


Let’s begin by reminding ourselves of the key benefits of creating a coaching culture across your school:

  • Staff adopt a positive, solution-focussed approach
  • Staff (and pupils) are empowered to find their own solutions to their challenges
  • Promotes distributed leadership
  • Leaders are freed up to lead strategically
  • There is a collective belief in ongoing personal & professional growth
  • Promotes an honest, open ethos across the school

You’re also keen to improve staff communication skills, and to build stronger, more cohesive teams across the school. Creating a coaching culture will assist you in improving both communication and team cohesion.    

So, let’s imagine you’ve decided that you want to establish a coaching culture across the school in order to reap the above benefits.  

How exactly does the CoachingInSchools ‘Coach Approach’ training work?

Our training helps school staff learn how to take a ‘coach approach’ so they can reduce stress and enjoy more productive working relationships, leading to better teaching, learning & results.

Part 1: Learn everything you need to get started, including:

  • The theory, techniques and tools you need to start taking a ‘Coach Approach’
  • How to develop a coach-approach mindset & language
  • How to stop taking on other people’s problems (and take the pressure off yourself!)
  • Why ‘coaching’ has more impact than ‘mentoring’ in most situations

Part 2: Develop a core ‘Coaching’ skill:

Questioning skills: learn how to ask powerful questions that will improve the quality of answers in conversations and in the classroom

Our ‘Coach Approach’ training is easily accessible online, via remote presentation or face to face.

Be warned: our training is transformational, and will change you and your staff’s mindset, language and behaviours – FOREVER!

Look out for my final post in this mini-series where I’ll show you the tangible impact of creating a coaching culture – and what return on investment you’ll get – when you use the CoachingInSchools system.

Monica Austin (Headteacher)

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