WARNING! Not all 'Coaching' is the same!

This Unique Award-Winning System is 100% Guaranteed To Improve Your School...

This New / Different Way of ‘Coaching’ in Schools is Essential for all Educators…

No matter what role we find ourselves in — Headteacher, line manager, teacher or support staff, to name just a few — we’re constantly busy, reacting to the day’s events, and feeling under pressure to perform and achieve good results.

The Problem is...

Too many school staff are stressed out, exhausted and strapped for time. So if you’re anything like most educators you’ll work long hours, and this sucks away time from your partner, friends and social activities. 

What’s more, your health suffers and you feel as if you never do anything thoroughly. 

Your head is constantly full, and you rarely get time to stop and think!

coaching schools courses stop teacher stress and improve wellbeing

So How Will This Help?

Imagine having coaching tools that will save you time because you’re using them in your everyday role – with colleagues, children and parents – as well as in ‘formal’ coaching sessions. 

When you’ve completed this Award-Winning Training you’ll enjoy better leadership, increased quality of teaching, and better student outcomes. You’ll feel better. You’ll achieve more. And you’ll have more time for yourself.

coaching schools training courses improve staff wellbeing and work/life balance

Stress and high workload are driving so many people out of the education sector...

Did you know that 30% of new school leaders quit in the first five years? Not only that, but 67% of teachers are stressed at work, and at the present time 1 in 83 teachers are on long-term absence because of stress and mental health issues. So it’s no wonder that recruiting and retaining good quality staff in schools is so challenging! 

Consequently, if you’re feeling ‘stressed’ it’s hardly surprising, because if you’re working long days, evenings, weekends it means you never have any time either for yourself (or for your family). In short, that’s obviously going to take its toll on you. And this problem isn’t going to fix itself unless you decide fix it today.

And what’s the consequence of not solving it today?

Broken relationships. Burnout. And health problems.

As a result you’ll have more staff either going off sick or leaving, and whenever that happens it obviously affects the quality of teaching and learning – and your school’s budget. Indeed, research shows it costs over £30k on average to replace someone. Worse still, you’ve then got to wait around 8 months for them to reach their optimum level of performance!

All in all it’s no wonder that working in schools becomes so stressful over time – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Because when you’ve got the knowledge, tools and strategies which are taught on this coaching training (specifically for schools), then both your job and your life will become a whole lot easier.

You’ll have more time to plan and work on the more important strategic stuff. Consequently, you’ll get more done with less effort. So you’ll feel a lot less stressed, under pressure and ‘overwhelmed’. What’s more, you’ll sleep better.

As a result, you’re going to become an even better leader or teacher. And you’ll use your new skills to help others improve their practice and achieve their goals – without the usual stress and pressure. In summary, you’ll be able to ensure that your school becomes the best it can be.

Key Benefits of this Training

Unlike others, this unique, tried and tested education coaching system has NO SELL-BY DATE. It has lasting impact, and it works in ANY English-speaking school in any setting. Use our powerful coaching system to:

If you’ve already done coaching you’ve probably learnt old models like GROW, STRIDE & OSKAR – or newer models like GROWTH & BASIC – which have limited impact because they miss out critical steps or do them in the wrong order!

Our Coachinginschools model is far more efficient and effective because it works with how the brain works! 

That’s why you’ll make FAR greater impact when you learn & use the Award-Winning Coachinginschools Model – proven to out-perform ALL other coaching models!

(No other provider can teach the unique Coachinginschools system).

I agree with you. We’re all really busy. And it’s because you’re busy that you need to invest time in doing this coaching training now – because it’ll help you to free up your time (and feel a lot less stressed!)

We compete on value, not price. You’ll gain invaluable skills which last a LIFETIME and have maximum impact. You’ll use our coaching strategies daily at work and at home – in school classrooms, meetings and everyday conversations.

…So the only question is “Can you afford NOT to do it?”

At Coachinginschools, we guarantee results. In fact, because we’re so confident in our revolutionary coaching training system for schools, we give you a 30 day money-back guarantee on all ‘Coaching in Schools’ education coaching training programmes.

best coaching training for teachers headteachers coachinginschools annie boate

Annie Boate


My team and I will help you develop coaching the right way with a customised plan so it moves your school forward.  We’ll also show you exactly how to create a coaching culture which has huge tangible impact and makes school improvement faster, easier and sustainable.


When you enrol in these unique education coaching courses today, you’ll gain access to:

coaching schools accredited training

The ONLY Coach Training Built With Evidence-Based Impact for Busy People in Schools


WINNER – “Best Transformational Evidence-Based Education Coaching Provider” – Education & Training Awards

FINALIST – “Best Coaching Programme” Award


VIP Coaching Programme (Elite Level)

'Expert Education Coach' Programme



We’ve helped Schools & MATs to develop an effective ‘Coaching Culture’ which drives School Improvement by using the #1 Coaching Training System for the Education Sector.

Here’s what other people are saying about the unique ‘Coaching in Schools’ Programme…

“Annie’s approach has revolutionised how we empower colleagues to make the difference in their classrooms. 

It’s timely, targeted and most importantly the impact is felt across our school community. 

Not all coaching is the same. If you are thinking of investing in a coaching model then invest in this one – it works!”

Amanda Simpson, Headteacher, Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys

I’ve been a Headteacher for many years, with the heavy responsibility of spending public money wisely. I have never before been in a position to say this, but I’m going to say it now…

…If you can only spend your professional development budget on one thing, then invest it in starting your own coaching revolution in your school using Annie’s system.

The learning is extremely cost-effective and represents excellent value for money (music to your business manager’s ears!)

It can be applied with staff, students, parents, and in one’s personal life. There is no sell-by date; the coaching system will keep producing amazing results in many years to come.”

Monica Austin, Headteacher, Ashcroft High School

“We have put well over 40 teachers and support staff through this training and use it with colleagues in partner schools because it works!

The methodology of the training means that skills are built up over time and stick.

The results are tangible and can be personalised so that both coaches and coachees are motivated to participate – and to come back for more.

We have seen the impact in school in terms of classroom practice, leadership, time management and workload management. It is the backbone of our CPD programme.”

Mary Davies (NLE), CEO, Maiden Erlegh Trust



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