“Best Transformational Evidence-Based Education Coaching Provider” Award Winner

by Annie Boate

“Best Transformational Evidence-Based Education Coaching Provider” Award Winner


As you probably know, not all ‘Coaching’ is the same!

That’s why we’re so delighted that our unique coaching system has won this prestigious award.

Thank you to the judges for recognising us as pacesetters and leaders in our field.

For over two decades we’ve continuously worked hard to stay ‘ahead of the curve’, and remain the number 1 provider of transformational coaching training for schools. As a result, our trainees have made more tangible impact, more quickly than they could have done by using any other coaching model.

Coachinginschools trainees report a lighter workload, reduced stress, better outcomes, and sustained improvements. Many have also used our methodology to move things forward in ways they didn’t think were possible! So, not only is this award-winning coaching system ‘transformational’ – there’s also a fantastic return on investment. (And that’s obviously particularly important in today’s economic climate!)

We dedicate this award to all of the Headteachers who are using the Coachinginschools system to drive their schools forward and support wellbeing. We are incredibly grateful for your support. Together we will keep leading the way in education coaching!

If you’re a Headteacher, and you’d like to find out more about how the unique Coachinginschools system could help you, then please book in a chat with our Director of School Improvement here.