A Simple Way To Improve Behaviour That Works For Pupils ‘on Report’

by Annie Boate

A Simple Way To Improve Behaviour That Works For Pupils ‘on Report’

Do you have learners “on report” for ‘behaviour’ in your school?

You know the sort – the persistent offenders who call out, do ‘daft’ things & keep breaking the rules.  Then they tend to lose their temper or try to bargain with you when you go to write their negative behaviour on their report!

“But Miss, it’s not fair. You always pick on me!”

“Please Sir…I’m going to get done! – My mum won’t let me go out if you put that!”

“My Head of Year will kill me! …Can’t I be good and work it off?”

Does that sound familiar to you?

Well here’s a secret way that I used coaching in my everyday teaching & school leadership roles – and you easily can use it in your everyday work too…

>> Fill in their report at the start (not the end) of the lesson.

  1. Say “Let’s do this now – What would you ideally like me to write on this?” or “What are you going to be like this lesson?”
  2. Shut up, let them think (& get over their shock!)
  3. Listen carefully, then write their positive response on the report & sign it.
  4. Put the report card on their desk to focus them on achieving that outcome.
  5. Gently remind them that the report has to reflect their behaviour accurately & you’d hate to have to make a mess of it by scribbling this out later!

Notice how this approach is proactive rather than reactive.

You’re putting them in control.

You’re letting them set the expectation up front, and you’re forcing them to take ownership and responsibility for managing their behaviour.  And the funny thing is that 99% of the time they do!

This little trick can instantly switch your learners to a more positive growth mindset.  And, of course, once they’ve experienced the feeling of success from achieving their goal, they’ll want more!

Would you agree that this is much more helpful (and less stressful) than just reporting back on the previous hour?

Like this idea? Give it a go!

Try out this Coachinginschools ‘Coach Approach’ technique in your everyday life and notice what difference it makes to your pupils’ behaviour – and to you! 🙂

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